What is the club about?

We provide training for a range of abilities, from total beginners to advanced students. Our club practices Traditional Shotokan karate. Shotokan places emphasis on low stances, technique and speed. Karate is a great resource for developing fitness, flexibility and strength, together with the self-confidence and awareness that many martial arts bring. Although we study traditional karate, we also teach how to apply general self defence principles to present day life situations. Egham Karate Club have a number of instructors of varying experience. Senior Instructor David Austin is a 5th Dan Black Belt, qualified KUGB instructor and qualified KUGB Assessor. The club caters for all abilities and always has students of all levels training at all times. Gradings are organised on a regular basis, examined by one of the UK’s senior KUGB instructors Bob Poynton (8th Dan black belt).

What is Karate?

In Okinawa, a miraculous and mysterious martial art has come down to us from the past. It is said that one who masters its techniques can defend himself readily without resorting to weapons and can perform remarkable feats: the breaking of several thick boards with his fist or ceiling panels of a room with a kick. With his shuto (sword hand) he can kill a bull with a single stroke; he can pierce the flank of a horse with his open hand; he can cross a room grasping the beams of the ceiling with his fingers, crush a green bamboo stalk with his bare hand, shear a hemp rope with a twist or gouge soft rock with his hands. Some consider these aspects of this miraculous and mysterious martial art to be the essence of Karate-do. But such feats are a small part of karate, playing a role analogous to the straw-cutting test of kendo [Japanese fencing], and it is erroneous to think that there is no more to Karate-do than this. In fact, true Karate-do places weight upon spiritual rather than physical matters, as we shall discuss. True Karate-do is this: that in daily life, one’s mind and body be trained and developed in a spirit of humility; and that in critical times, one be devoted utterly to the cause of justice.

What are the benefits of joining?

Improve your:

Fitness                                                   Agility

Flexability                                            Discipline